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The Key to a healthy body is plain and simple: Proper eating and adequate exercise. Not two of the easiest things to do, so the key word is Discipline.

Discipline in Proper Eating

Discipline in proper eating does not only refer to the foods that you put into my body; but also, the foods that you should not put into my body. A starting process of limiting foods that have been associated with heart disease and unhealthy cholesterol is, saturated fats, transfat, and processed foods.

A few tips that have helped people with the discipline required to reduce these unhealthy foods are, smaller plates. People are accustomed to eating their whole plate. Therefore, eating from a smaller plate allows one to eat a meal with a reduced portion. Another tip follows the same path of discipline.

A bag of chips which normally contains an unhealthy amount of salt can raise cholesterol and can be reduced by counting each chip inside a single portion bag. With this knowledge, one can eat half the amount of chips they counted the first time, and be successful in reducing the amount of unhealthy salt in their body. In addition, other known foods that contain unhealthy effects can be decreased by following this same formula.

Foods that are nutritious and beneficial to our body are three daily servings of fruit, vegetables, lowfat or no fat milk. Substituting white grains for brown grains like brown rice and oatmeal. Fruit and oatmeal have been eaten by many before exercise due; to their, slow burning calorie result that allows people to have energy needed for proper exercise.

Discipline in Proper Exercise

Discipline in proper exercise begins with the set mind of developing a committed routine like, a thirty minute exercise session three times a week. A combination of cardio activity and brief weight training is normally recommended.

Cardio activity ranges from brisk walking, jogging and any activity that is done at a moderate level with an increasing rate; in order, to speed up ones metabolism. Importantly, an exercise at a moderate level is key for one to be able to maintain the discipline to have the desire to follow and maintain a proper exercise routine.
Weight training is best performed with the lifting or pulling of weight that requires exerting force that builds and maintains strength. A safe appropriate challenging weight that allows one to perform 3 sets of ten is common.

If this is new information, discipline in proper eating, and discipline in proper exercise requires one to develop new controlled challenging routine ultimately benefits ones body; but also, motivates others to improve health.


Attending Health Fairs

Attending Health Fairs does not interest many people because they feel, once they have a doctors care (health instructions) they do not feel; they need to make an extra effort to go get more information (more health instructions).

Many other people do not attend Health Fairs because the knowledge received at Health Fairs leads them consciously to go and get things checked out. Many people feel if it’s not hurting, nothing is wrong.

But in many cases people have acted on the information and instructions that they received from the Health Fair and they were able to be Diagnosis and Treated for certain health concerns before it caused Irreversible and Permanent Damage to their body.

Health Fairs are a great place to talk to profession people in the Health Care industry, because many times a visit to the doctor’s office does not allow time for a flow on information.

Health Fairs are also important, because they can include free services like checking your Blood Pressure and your Blood Sugar Level. Both of which could lead to some serious trouble if not diagnosis and treated with a follow up visit to a doctor’s office.