About Us  

The MED (Medical/Eye Care/Dental) Information Exchange Center is a Faith-Based, Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization.

The MED Information Exchange Center was established to assist Churches, Faith-Based Organizations, Community Organizations and all people in general by:

  1. Providing education and training through public classes and seminars in all matters relating to Health and Wellness Care.

  2. Assisting people in enrolling into the best Health Care Programs that meet their needs.

  3. Conducting classes and seminars open to the community as well as the general public with Information and Answers to Questions related to Health Care Coverage.

  4. Providing Information on Locations for Health Care Services as well as Local Clinic Services.

  5. Providing Access and Training to use the Internet to Apply and Enroll into Health Care Insurance Plans and Services.

  6. Inviting Doctors and Nurses to come and speak in our classes and seminars, to encourage people in Health Care and Wellness Programs.

  7. Conducting Health Fairs to share information on Health Care and Health Wellness within our Communities. As well as some services like Checking Blood Pressure.

The MED Information Exchange Center has established partnerships with multiple Health Care Organizations for the purpose of providing a network and working relationship to serve the people in our communities.